JUDr. Matúš Meheš Law Office, Ltd. was found in 2007. Ever since 2008, the Law Office has been providing effective and complete legal services for its clients.

The Law Office provides legal counseling to companies, small and middle-sized businesses as well as to international companies and entrepreneurs in respect of their business activities. The Law Office also represents a number of natural persons and provides them with legal counseling according to their individual requests and needs in highly professional manner.

JUDr. Matúš Meheš Law Office, Ltd. provides legal services in all areas of Slovak law. The Law Office specializes particularly in these areas of expertise:

The Law Office is particularly effective in the field of collecting claims of large amounts, and also represents its clients in court hearings, out-of-court settlements, distrainments, etc.

Complex legal services are provided to clients while following an effective timetable of collecting claims. In order to provide an effective, complex, and timely legal service to its clients, JUDr. Matúš Meheš Law Office, Ltd. cooperates with a number of offices of notaries public, distrainors, experts and other relevant agencies and offices.